A.W.E.'s Mission

A.W.E. Consulting, Inc. is a women-owned small business based  in Michigan City, Indiana. A.W.E.'s primary goal is to help our clients make the best decisions while respecting the needs of all parties involved and the environment.  

Molly and John Long co-founded A.W.E. Consulting, Inc. in 2000 to serve industry and agricultural businesses subject to Indiana's environmental laws, as well as  landowners with wildlife management needs.   A.W.E. is the fulfillment of  their vision to help clients manage resources in a sustainable way that is mutually beneficial to themselves and the environment.

Whether you're a farmer who wants to construct a new livestock barn, or an industry that needs  to properly manage their waste, we will help you navigate the regulatory maze to find a solution that goes beyond compliance and helps improve your business profitability and efficiency.

If you're a landowner who wants to manage their little piece of heaven for abundant fish and wildlife, natural beauty or just  protect it from depredation by nuisance animals, we have your solution. 

We approach each situation with the unique perspective, and relevant experience required to get the results our clients need.  We also strive to find an affordable solution that is sustainable for both your needs and the environment.  

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