John Long


John Long is Vice President and co-founder of A.W.E. Consulting, Inc.  He brings more than 17 years of experience in industrial health and safety assessment, agricultural permitting, environmental regulatory compliance and wildlife management.

John received his bachelor's degree in Wildlife Science from Purdue University's School of Agriculture in 1993. After graduating, John began his environmental career working for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), then took a job more closely related to his preferred field of study in the Confined Animal Feeding Program at the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM). His work involved inspecting hundreds of farms, speaking to concerned citizens, and participating in the volatile rulemaking process.

Through his experiences he recognized that the regulated community faces multifaceted challenges.  An adversarial relationship with neighbors and the public makes difficult regulatory hurdles impossible to overcome. John saw how his unique background could help to find solutions that not only enabled the regulated community navigate operating obstacles, but created common ground for positive relationships with the surrounding community.  

In addition to providing compliance assistance to the regulated community, John offers wildlife management opportunities to private landowners, which, until recently, were only available on public lands.  By managing their extra land for an abundance of plant and animal resources, farmers can off-set or eliminate negative environmental impacts associated with some of their operations.  Similarly, any landowner can create natural buffer zones around their property to enhance both esthetic and economic value.

As a wildlife ecologist and avid hunter and fisherman, John, is dedicated to helping preserve a balance between man and nature.  He offers substantial regulatory knowledge and  natural resources management expertise to his clients, giving them the service and information they need.


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